Informatics Discussion

Informatics Discussion

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Week 6 Discussion

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) presents several issues regarding patient rights, responsibilities, and legal as well as ethical issues. According to Mastrian (2017), healthcare professionals who seek to protect the rights to privacy of the patients also protect themselves from legal and ethical lapses. The patient, therefore, has the right to maintain their privacy and the access to patient data should be authorized by the patient or guardian. Secondly, the patient has the right to truth (veracity). Professionals should respect the rights of patients for safety and avoid legal and ethical lapses. The enhancement of the security of e-PHI is an essential role in healthcare informatics. The three safeguards are technical, administrative, and physical. Mastrian (2017) describes the administrative features as including the development of a formal security management process, designation of the responsible people to the various positions of security, and training staff on security. In the case of a breach in security, the first thing that the security personnel does is to notify the affected individuals, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and in some cases, the media………..

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