Information security

Week 1 Discussion Question 2
> In Discussion 2, you are asked to create a presentation using a web 2.0
> tool…….make sure you are creating a presentation and providing a link
> to that presentation……do NOT just tell the class what you would
> do….*you
> must create a presentation* using one of the tools discussed and provide
> the link to that presentation in your post.
>   *Confidentiality*
>   Reading the Report: Over 120 UCLA Hospital Staff Saw Celebrity Health
> Records <,2933,398784,00.html> article, what
> training could you as a manager put into place to avoid this situation?
> Present your training idea using any Web 2.0 tools
> <>. How can this training on confidentiality be
> effective for the employees?
> Examples of Web 2.0 tools:
>    – Articulate – E-Learning Software and Authoring Tools
>    <>
>    – Jing <>
>    – Reallusion <>
>    – Slideshare <>
>    – Smilebox <>
>    – Voice Threa <>





preview of the answer..

In the current world security breaches have become a normal phenomenon with organizations receiving security updates on a daily basis. In matters concerning patient privacy concerning their medical records the hospitals should employ methods such as the use of programs that prohibit unauthorized access. The supervisors should equally be discouraged from granting their subordinates their pass keys. The ultimate panacea to such a scenario as that of Los Angeles hospital would be employing security measures that require physical availability of the superiors to actually get access into the classified files and they should employ a body that would be monitoring this information.

          The employees should equally be trained and educated on ethics. This will go a long way in helping them to be professional in their job description. While a it they will also be taught the …

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