Information in a Security Plan

Information in a Security Plan

describing the significance of the information in a security plan.

  1. A description of the facility and its organizational structure.
  2. The security organization of the facility.
  3. A discussion of the physical barriers used in the system.
  4. A discussion of the alarm system used.
  5. A description of access controls used to restrict access to or within the facility.
  6. A discussion of security lighting at the facility.
  7. A description of the communications capability.
  8. A description of the CCTVs capabilities, usages and best areas to mount them.
  9. A breakdown of the security force, its organization, training, equipment, capabilities, resources, and procedures.
  10. A discussion of outside resources including LLEA and others as appropriate.
  11. Annual assessments.
  • Please use the IP title page provided in the course material folder.
  • Your SA score should not be more than 30%.
  • If your last posted assignment is more that 30% you will get a zero score.
  • In-text citations and a reference list are also a requirement.
  • You need to have at least 10 cited sources this assignment.
  • Please ensure that all cited sources are credible

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In every organization, there is a need for developing a security plan that will safeguard the organization against any form of threat whether physical or cybersecurity. Information is paramount in any security plan as it will aid an organization in ensuring that every individual adheres to the policies and regulation administered within the organization for a better safe environment. The discussion focuses on Apple Inc. Company as one of the companies with the best security measures……..

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