Information security

  1. Consider your incident response plan (IRP) you created last week.  Using a similar approach, draft a generic, sample issue-specific policy that would be useful to any home computer user. Let’s use the premise that this policy could be available to the general public. Ensure you’re covering all of the critical aspects of a security policy.
  2. Get a second opinion on its usability. You might use a family member, a work colleague, or one of your group members. Use that feedback to improve your policy. Include their feedback as part of your submission.


I have attached Incident response plant that was created last week





preview of the answer..

Whenever a computer system is in use whether in an organization or on a personal basis, passwords must be used. Passwords are very crucial when it comes to computer security. If passwords are not selected carefully, they may cause unauthorized access to a computer system or network which mostly leads to exploitation of the resources available in that system (ISE, 2014). Therefore, in order to ensure password security, everybody involved with an organization including vendors and contractors should take the necessary steps in securing the passwords as illustrated below. This policy regarding information security involves all the personnel in an organization that have access to any kind of account that is found in the organizational facilities, …

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