Information Systems Structure

I need the following assuming the business is a new small local tourism airline called local air.  Please also list any references

Propose an information systems structure for the new airline in terms of people resources, hardware/software/data/network resources. Should include a thorough and clear discussion of how a particular IS supports each business process and how each fits into the airline’s overall strategy. An appropriate number of Critical Success Factors (usually 3-5 per process) for the IS-supported business process should be clearly articulated and tied to the specific IS.. You may list business processes and supporting information resources in table format.

Describe what type of e-business and/or e-commerce systems you propose for the project and why you have selected these particular technologies, and what role they will play in supporting your business goals and objectives.




preview of the answer..

Information management is a core element of responsible governance in business operations as best practice policies and standards result in efficient, accountable and cost-effective use of resources. It is clear that the effective work of information systems is possible only when they are interconnected both among themselves and with the systems of other participants of the aviation market. Information system is the study of complementary networks …

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