Why Today’s IT Organization Won’t Work Tomorrow

Information Technology Organization

This week we are again engaging in a robust class discussion.

Read the following article (also in Files Directory/Week 6):

Recall that one of your reading assignments this week was titled:For this week’s discussion compare and contrast that article and the one highlighted above (Why Today’s IT Organization Won’t Work Tomorrow). Identify similar themes, any conflicts, and any things that “stick out” for you related to the two articles.

Engage in interaction with fellow students throughout the week about your views and their views. Be civil and objective in your discussion postings but try to engage the other students in a serious conversation based on what you have learned this week.

Keep in mind that you must engage on multiple days and post informed, rigorous thoughts and perspectives related to the positions put forth in this article. Also, I can tell how many other student postings you have reviewed. If there are a total of 100 postings during the week and my statistics tell me you only looked at 3 of those 100 do not expect an “A” grade. Discussion is about engaging with other students. : )+ responding to other three students.


Answer Preview……………..

Both articles agree that new technologies will take over and increase competition in the world of Information Technology (IT). Hence, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) will have to get ready to incorporate these new technologies by building the necessary infrastructure to accommodate them (Kearney, 2019). New technologies will focus on consumer rather than the products offered. Also, IT executives will have to focus on strategic business models that are optimally working for their organizations (Brandon, 2012). This will ensure that such organizations remain competitive and that they will have a higher chance at growth. The future……………..

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