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The Peckham Decision dictates that school psychologists in California may not use intelligence testing on African-American children to determine special-education placement. This is due to a cultural bias because a large percentage of African-Americans were being placed in the Educable Mentally Retarded category.

How might this decision help and potentially harm African-American students with special educational needs? Remember to support your arguments with information drawn from the online content, the textbook, and other credible, scholarly sources to substantiate the points you are making.  Apply APA standards to writing and citations to your work.



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In his decision, Judge Robert F. Peckham of the U.S. District Made e a land mark ruling in 1979wghich he sided with the petitioners that the use of the standardized IQ tests in the determination of the black student’s qualification to be placed in the special classes for the mildly mentally retarded was racial and discriminatory (Jencks, & Phillips, 1998).  Peckham’s argument was that the intention of the introduction of test was to discriminate against black student and not to identify students with special attention in their education as purported by the …

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