Institutional Corrections for Juveniles

Institutional Corrections for Juveniles


The Research Paper Topic – Institutional Corrections for Juveniles


In three to five pages (at least 3, but no more than 5 pages), not including the cover sheet and reference page, research and discuss a topic relevant to this course.

You are to research the topic using either traditional methods (books, journals, articles, etc.), by using the Internet, or a combination of both. All works referenced, from either source, must be documented and credit given to the author or web site.



  1. Use APAformat for this typed paper. If you are unfamiliar with APA format, you may check out this site Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab which has excellent tools for your paper.
  2. See the Scholastic Honesty Statement on the course menu for more details and cite all or any references.
  3. Maintain college-level English language proficiency.
  4. A title page and references are required. Cite all references.



detained juveniles  committed juveniles

Answer Preview…………….

Before the twentieth century, America had only one justice system for all kinds of offenders, whether adults or juveniles. There were limited differences regarding sentencing, treatment options and punishment to children and adults. The situation led to increased rates of delinquency and therefore it became necessary for the stakeholders to conduct research to…………….

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