All the instructions in the file for all the chapters

All the instructions in the file for all the chapters

For each assignment 400 words, just make sure to answer all the question correctly.

Use only the book ( Schroeder, K. (2007) Environmental Law. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.)

Use simple and clear language and avoid plagiarism.

There are several assignments. label each assignment well. 400 words each. ref and cite the book in each.

Answer Preview…………….

2) What is a SIP?

Find a SIP of interest to you and briefly describe the area, plan, and whether it is an attainment / non-attainment area.


The implementation of the federal government acts within the states is a crucial issue because it dictates either the success of failure of those acts. Primarily, the Clean Air Act (CAA) follows implementation in the states using the State Implementation Plan (SIP). This is a plan that shows how the state plans to implement the provisions of a certain law and the implementations that it has put in place to allow that law to take charge. The SIP is developed by………….

APA 2136 words


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