An integral part of the course will be the writing of a term paper

write a 5-6 pages long. In the paper you will examine a single war and discuss how that war and its results influenced the development of military organization, strategy or technology. In this paper students will be expected to write clean, understandable English in a logically organized format.

Students will be expected in their papers to cite at least ten sources, of which at least three must be primary sources – such as military documents; journals, letters and memoirs of war participants; or contemporary newspaper reports of the war. Wikipedia and other web sites or sources that are not from the .edu or .gov domains are not acceptable sources unless they have been approved in advance by the instructor.

Quotes from sources must be properly cited in footnotes or (preferably) endnotes, and a bibliography must accompany the paper. Notes, bibliography and the paper text must conform to Chicago/Turabian Style, though the notes and bibliography do not count toward the overall length requirement.

The paper will be graded on a 300-point scale based on the following criteria:

a. Does the paper conform to proper length and style     requirements?

b. Is the paper’s topic appropriate for the assignment?

c. Does the paper have an identifiable thesis and is that   thesis both clear and reasonable?

d. Is the thesis supported by reasonable evidence and     examples from the sources?

e. Are the evidence and examples properly cited?

f. Overall, is the paper well organized and clearly and     accurately written?

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