International Relations: Korean Peninsula

International Relations: Korean Peninsula


no hard grammar, basic english

Write a one-page, single-spaced analysis

of the Foreign Affairs article titled, “Perception and Misperception on the Korean Peninsula.”

Analyze the article from the realist and liberal perspectives, and include levels of analysis

as much as possible.


Answer Preview…………..

Despite the knowledge that peace is essential for the well-being of the nations of the world and their people, North Korea has insisted on continuing with its nuclear armament and the United States as continued issuing threats through the current president Donald Trump (Jervis & Rapp-Hooper, 2018). Therefore, the two countries have remained in a constant state of disagreement and distrust towards each other. To understand the international relations situation, it is important to apply the theories of idealism and realism. Also, the application of the levels of analysis of international relations is important. Realism is the theory that supposes that international relations exist in a state of anarchy. No particular power solves disagreements among states like in the case of political systems in domestic governments. Therefore states compete with one another to preserve themselves and protect their interests and pride (Schweller, 2018). The states keep increasing their own power at……………

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