Internet reliability

1. Internet reliability.

How reliable is the internet as a source of information for your research? What are the ways you can validate information that you find on the internet? Why is this necessary?Include references please. Thanks.

Hi , please include references with your answer and avoid plagiarism. Thanks.

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The World Wide Web has revolutionized the way that information is contained and shared. Through it, an individual has access to virtually every bit of knowledge about the human existence. As a researcher, all this information promises to be a treasure trove. The question, however, is whether the information on the internet is up to scratch on the standards necessary for it to form valid points of reference in research matters.

            The internet is the source of both the scholarly and anecdotal information. The scholarly information that is found on the internet basically includes the publication of information by institutions and academics. The information is usually cached in websites and the repositories that are specifically created for this..

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