Interpretive Essay

Interpretive Story

Frist you have to read this story  (THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO)

The Writing Assignment:

Write an essay interpreting some aspects of a story. Try to convince your readers that your perspective on the story is appealing and reveals a new aspect(s) of the story.  The primary readers of your essay are those who read the story and write about it, possibly your instructor and classmates.  Back up your interpretation with reasons and support them with details from the story. You are not going to use any secondary sources to back up your interpretation.


Interpreting a story requires your understanding of the story; you need to analyze its various aspects, present your interpretation of the story from your viewpoint, and then help your readers to see some aspect(s) of the story.  It is important that you should assert your own idea about the meaning of the story and that you argue for your interpretation of the story based on that idea. Without your own assertion, your essay may turn into retelling the story, which I do not ask you to do.  Make your assertion plausible — this means you should argue logically— contribute to building rich discussion about the story, and then support your assertion with convincing details from the story.  

This assignment is a typical analytical expository essay in the argument pattern that you have practiced in high school. The essay should be organized topically, so the main idea must be presented in the thesis statement and may be summarized again at the conclusion in different words.  Your thesis must be arguable and clearly stated in the introduction. To develop and support the thesis, you need to provide the reasons (topic sentences) of your thesis. The thesis statement and its reasons (topic sentences) must belogically connected. The primary source of the reasons is the story itself; you should specifically draw supporting details from the story, for example, specific lines or part of dialogue or scenes.  If necessary, quote, summarize, and/or paraphrase passages from the story.  Your own interpretation is necessary before or after the quotes from the story.  Make sure that you avoid simply retelling the story.  Do not use other sources or other writers’ ideas to support the thesis of the essay, which means you don’t need to do research.  
A Sample Organization


Attract your readers with relevant background information of the thesis statement. 

Lead the readers to your thesis by suggesting relevant literary devices. 

Try to introduce a striking aspect of the story that supports the thesis statement.  

Near the end of the introduction, have a clear and explicit thesis statement that includes your own interpretation, idea, and/or perspective on the story. 


Bodies: In each body paragraph, have a topic sentence (a reason of the thesis).

 Offer your own convincing interpretation of the topic sentence.

Back up your reason with a specific passage(s) and/or details in the story.

Integrate quotations into your writing efficiently.

You may use proper writing strategies here, for example, a chain of reasoning, compare and contrast, and/or cause and effect.


Repeat the key terms.

Summarize the main points in different words.

Reiterate the thesis statement in different words.

preview of the answer..

The essay reflects a revenge mission with a purpose. Fortunato had caused so much injuries that the author could not bore besides, he insulted her. The storyteller (Montresor) planned a revenge mission to his friend for what he acclaimed as insult with impunity; his soul was against evil and had accepted all negative actions towards him.  However; the soul refuted to take it anymore and decided to defend it. When someone rebukes your faith what do you do, you can persevere but when the suffering becomes too much, something has to be done. “A wrong is …

1172 words APA

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