Intervention in Libya

Intervention in Libya

Take a look at the Advocacy Proposal assignment sheet (attached). In 3-4 paragraphs please address the following elements:

1) select a potential topic for your Advocacy Proposal

2) explain why you chose this topic and its potential relevance to a general reader (why would an audience care?)

3) describe the problem with the status quo (i.e., what needs to be fixed/changed about this issue)

4) explain who needs to act to solve this problem

5) suggest a tentative solution/course of action

Answer preview………..

The topic I choose for this assignment is United States’ intervention in Libya. Seven years after the revolution in Libya, the U.S still shows inaction in what has turned out to be a failed state. As a superpower, the United States has a responsibility to protect the citizens of this country and also establish the rule of law and order. The relevance of this topic to the American citizen is that with a failed state in the African country, competitors such as Russia take advantage and exploit resources from the country. This would affect the Americans by losing the control and power that the country is associated with……..

 APA 332 words