Interview on Assessment

*Interview* four individuals about assessment. Two interviewees should be
> postsecondary instructors (e.g., college faculty) and two should be
> training facilitators (e.g., professional development educators, corporate
> trainers).  Use the questions developed during Week Three (i have attached
> them).
> *Synthesize* the interview findings in a 600 words paper comparing and
> contrasting the ways in which postsecondary instructors and trainers use,
> develop, implement, and analyze assessments. Include a copy of your
> interview questions, and summarized responses.
> apa referencing
> ensure to use subtitles for readability.
> 3 references are needed.




preview of the answer..

When performing an assessment, postsecondary instructors and training facilitators use different ways to develop, implement, and analyze assessments. This analysis compares and contrasts the information given by two interviewees from each group regarding the method of assessment. To obtain accurate findings, the interviewees were asked a wide range of questions that includes explaining the assessment method, student expectations during the assessment …

765 words APA

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