analyze how an author uses ethos, pathos, and logos


So last week we were working on the provisional thesis, and this assignment require to write a introduction for the essay.

The file provided is my thesis and please write a complete introduction from it.

You may use the following approach: first, introduce your readers to your general subject, which is how authors use ethos, pathos, and logos, and follow with a brief summary of the opinion piece–so that your readers know what it’s about, after which you may offer your thesis.

While you may use a different approach, I do ask for this essay that you summarize the opinion piece, which includes noting the author’s name, and that you include your thesis in your introduction as well. I also ask that you consider how to introduce your readers to your subject.

Krugman, P. (2019, Sep 5). Trumpism is Bad for Business. New York Times. Retrieved from…

Please ensure you are responding to the assignment, in which I ask you to “analyze how an author uses ethos, pathos, and logos.” If you did not fully respond to previous assignments, e.g., did not respond to all the composition concerns in the Adam Banks’ assignment or did not fully respond to the prompt for the quotation assignment, “make an argument about whether or not most people will benefit from a college education,” consider checking in with yourself regularly to ensure you are on track.
Answer preview………………..


The allies of president Trump claim that he is a business saviour but according to Paul Krugman, an economist, he argues that Trump is an absolute opposite. Trump is establishing considerable burdens in the economy and uncertainties with his wars in trade and aggressive deregulatory policies. We need to be careful because business uncertainties are often used in attacking progressive policy. According to Paul Krugman, the unpredictable and hostile trade policies established by Trump and relaxed regulations of the environment are bad for long-term…………….

 APA 205 words
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