Introduction to Biochemistry

Introduction to Biochemistry

SCI260 – Introduction to Biochemistry

Task #1

Go to your local grocery store and find four (4) foods that are created through genetic

modification (genetic engineering). Briefly describe how the food was created and provide a picture of the food. Below are two examples (please do not use these examples).


Yukon Gold Potato

These potatoes were created by intentionally crossbreeding a North American white potato and a wild South American yellow-fleshed potato.


Artic Apple

These apples were developed to have a non-browning trait. This trait is created through a process called gene silencing, which reduces the apple’s natural production of the polyphenol oxidase enzyme thereby preventing the fruit from browning.


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Surprisingly, much of the food people consume today is genetically modified food (GMO. Scientists can now isolate some particular genes and insert them into organisms such as food crops to develop desirable traits (EFSA, 2016). These genes are inserted for the reasons of producing high yields, to infuse extra nutrients to crops or make these crops resistant to pests and infections. However, there is an endless debate on whether the genetically modified foods cause some health problems or not globally. Below are examples of some of the genetically modified foods……..

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