Identify a professional working in your field of interest and conduct an informational interview with him/her.

Introduction to Electronic Media

what the name of you interviews

For this assignment, you are to contact a person that is a working professional in film, radio, television.

Learning Objective: Ability to network and identify professionals in his/her career interest area. Increase knowledge of students’ field of interest and how it may relate to the course, their major, or their interests.

Assignment idea

Identify a professional working in your field of interest and conduct an informational interview with him/her.

Students can locate professionals through professional networking gatherings, from your personal

network, or by searching professional sites such as LinkedIn.

Interview must be via phone, in-person, or skype.

Student Introduction

Informational Interviews (or “networking meetings”) can be a great way to expand your professional network and

learn more about a particular career field. For this assignment, find a person working in a position that you would

someday like to have and schedule a time to interview the person.

Develop at least ten questions to ask during the informational interview.

After the informational interview, write a 1 to 2 page (double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font) essay

reflecting on the experience. Please address the following questions:

 With whom did you meet and why?

 For what organization does this person work, and what is his or her job?

 Describe the interview – what were the main topics that you discussed?

 What did you learn from the interview?

 What steps will you take to follow-up after the interview?

Upload the essay to CANVAS. The Instructor will review each and give points for

answering the questions above.

This is first part,and need essay format

this is second part,need answer each question with 1-2 sentences


Answer Preview…………….

Informational Interview. Recently, I interviewed a lady who works with Central New Yolk Film Professionals as a film producer. Below is the interview discussion. What aspects of the film career do you dislike? One thing I dislike about my professional field as a film producer is a way people judge me. People think that relates to the films I produce with my character. However, this is untrue, as my life has nothing to do with what I produce in the film industry. What is the typical career progression in the field? One has to start somewhere in his or her career journey. For me, I started working with small film companies. With time, I obtained enough experience and skills, which helped me to get a chance to work with big film organizations like Central New York Film Professionals………..

APA 918 words

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