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British Literature Essay 5 pages. Explore the Ways in which the rebel manifests in Milton and one more other work. (Blake and Bryon Recommended). What is the rebel fighting for? Are we to sympathize with this rebel? Why? What are the limits or flaws of this rebellion? John Milton: Professor said Shelly on Prometheus was Okay. There is also The Fall of Albion of William Blake or Lord Byron Prometheus. These are free books online, and there is a lot of summaries. Almost forgot, DUE FRIDAY Noon (12pm) Central Time Lowest Bid wins, bid closes at 4pm CST

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Paradise Lost by John Milton is a story about Adam and Eve. The story tells how they were created and how they lost their place in the Garden of Eden, referred to as Paradise in the story. The story is similar to the story narrated in the first chapters of the book of Genesis in the Bible. Milton expands the story into a detailed narrative poem. The story also explains the origin of Satan, who was initially referred to as Lucifer. Lucifer was an angel in heaven. However, he was expelled from heaven to hell when..

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