Inverse Demand Equation Econ Project

Inverse Demand Equation Econ Project


Your assignment is to create a product (a real or an imaginary product) for your business and construct a demand equation with the above functional form for your product. This demand function is supposed to help you arrive at a pricing strategy that benefits your business. Follow the attached document for all the instructions required for this Business Econ project.

 micro economics  Econ 3551
this is a long project, may be almost 10 pgs

Answer Preview…………….

The demand functions of the products are important as they help in the quantification of change in the institution and the focus on the behaviors of the firm. The effect of the change of the firm is dependent on the reactions of the consumers and the response in the market. The shape of the function of demand is important as it helps in focusing on the different properties in the market and the assessment of the competition in the market. The properties of the product are…………………

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