investigating a “hacked” company computer

step 1: read the case study: investigating a “hacked” company computer located in the readings for this module.

step 2: use the interview as your context.

step 3: prepare an analysis which answers:

why is the use of digital forensic methodology and approach appropriate?
what resources (human and technical) are needed to conduct this digital forensic investigation?
hint: use the systematic approach detailed in chapter 2 [nelson] and think about equipment itemized in chapter 3 [nelson] and chapter 2 [mohay].
what needs to occur regarding evidence identification and acquisition to prepare the investigators for review of the digital evidence? in other words, what type of acquisition is best? what steps need to be followed to prepare for the search? give an outline of your approach.
hint: chapter 3 [mohay] and chapter 4 [nelson] both detail procedures for the crime scene. chapter 3 in forensic examination of digital evidence is about evidence acquisition. chapter 3 and 4 of electronic crime scene investigation are very relevant

Preview of the answer..

Computer crimes are rapidly increasing in the modern society. However, only 2% of these incidents end up in conviction. Despite these aspects, conducting a forensic investigations on a hacked company computer is the best way to go. There are several reason for this, with the first one being that forensic investigations are usually carried out in an ethical manner. While obtaining evidence, individuals carrying out the investigations are required to ensure integrity. At the same time, they are required to authenticate the validity of the collected data. Here, these officers must ensure that the collected data..

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