invormative specch

invormative specch

if the story of my life so far were to have a book title, it would be??

● Your speech is to have a:

1) Creative and Attention-Getting Introduction (with all of the required elements)

Special Note: The very last sentence of your introduction should be “…and so if I had to create a book title that captures my life so far it would be…” (then you will tell your original title).

2) Three point main body (with all of the required elements)

Special Note: Each main point of the body of your speech will be “chapters” in your life that contribute to why you have created the title you have. Be sure to use the word “chapters” when transitioning from one main point to another.

3) Creative and Powerful Conclusion (with all of the required elements)

Special Note: Your conclusion cannot end with “that’s it” or “any questions”


1-2 pgs

Answer Preview…………….

How Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college to become the owner of one of the biggest technology companies in the world is the type of new headline or book title that will grab the attention of readers these days. It is the story of breaking social norm that most audiences consider as extraordinary that would sell newspapers and magazines, as well as the trend on……………..

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