Is there a relationship between school teachers and suicidal behavior among teenagers?

Is there a relationship between school teachers and suicidal behavior among teenagers?

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Apply the scientific method to the research problem(s) presented and comment on the appropriateness of the research question devised. If the question devised does not seem appropriate and researchable, suggest another research question that would apply to this topic. Compare the characteristics of various appropriate research paradigms related to your colleague’s chosen topic and suggest another research method that could be applied to this research question. Provide a rationale that explains how this method may be equally or more appropriate for the research question. Evaluate the ethical implications of the proposed research and suggest other issues your colleague has not mentioned. Provide any other comments to your colleague that may assist him or her in creating a more effective research proposal.
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                Suicide is one of the leading cause of death among our teenagers. According to the Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC) it is said that suicide is the second principal cause of death among college students, the second leading cause of death for people ages 25 to 34, and the fourth leading cause of death for adults between the ages of 18 and 65. The CDC also stated that a projected 9.3 million adults in the United States population think of committing suicide within a year. Having suicidal thoughts can stem from several factors: bullying, having no friends in school, academic failure, divorce of parents, disability or deformities, and relationship breakup.

Research Question

Is there a relationship between school teachers and suicidal behavior among teenagers?

Why is it important?

It is important to know the roles teachers in schools.

It is important to understand how to protect the teenagers from suicidal risk.

It is important to know when something is wrong with the teenager

It is important to know how to approach a teenager who is being bullied

It is important to develop strategies to help reduce suicidal behaviors among teenagers

The fact that a lack of knowledge is a major barrier to youth using existing services.

Literature Review

The first study that will be reviewed is by Victoria et al (2016). The study examines the perspective of teachers on preventing suicide in children and adolescence in schools. The sample group consist of a hundred and fifteen teachers responding to an online survey. It is concluded that there is more to be done to improve suicidal preventions in schools.

The second   article entitled “Caring for patients with suicidal behavior is an exploratory study”, (Doyle et al 2013).  This article clarifies the procedure of qualitative research design on suicidal behavior. The model will embrace physicians, nurses, and therapist. Individual questionnaires were used with open ended questions was included in this study. The objective of the research was to explain the lack of care, communication, skills and insufficient resources that teenagers with suicidal behavior receive when appeared in the ER. I believe this article is unique in its own way. The article helps you to gather information by using the semi structured questionnaires.

 Research Method

The  research method that this study will apply is the mixed method. This method will expand knowledge of suicidal behaviors by integrating theory-based variables and bias as objects of inquiry. Mixed methods will allow for a broadening of research questions, more substantive understanding, and are necessary for a multidimensional of the topic at hand. (Kral et al 2012).

Research Design

Focus groups will be used with young people to enhance knowledge of ways to address youth suicide. Exploratory design will be applied to this research study. Participants will be asked open ended questions about what they think about teenagers with suicidal behavior and what can teachers do to prevent this from happening. The data gathered will be compared between participants to form a grounded theory about the efficacy outcomes.

Ethical Concerns

Informed consent will be asked from all participants who will be engaging in the study. The participants will be made aware of their rights and options regarding the study. All data will be kept strictly confidential. All researchers will be equipped with the knowledge and experience that is required to carry out the research according to the American Psychological Association Guidelines, (2017).


Suicide is in the news and in popular entertainment now more than ever, especially in regard to teens. While there is no single cause for suicide, there are risk factors and warning signs which may increase likelihood of an attempt.


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