JavaScript is a scripting language

W3 Assignment 2 to modify it further for the given requirements:

  • Identify the vulnerabilities of JavaScript and PHP. What are the known issues for exploiting each of these languages? How does this affect the project application? How are these languages affected by the deployment environment (including the client machine, the server, and the executable that executes the code)?
  • Examine the code in each piece of the application for this project. Is there sufficient documentation for the code? Are there unnecessary error messages or inclusions in the code that reveal too much system information to the user? Correct or document any items you find and explain your modifications in the report for this week.
  • Identify the tools you can use to help you troubleshoot and examine the JavaScript, HTML, and PHP code used in this project. For each tool, explain how it is applicable and list its main features. Include any cost for the program if there is one. What are the limitations of each of these tools?

Note: Click here to download a clean copy if your code no longer works to analyze and address the questions. It is the Readme file.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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