Journal Entry

Journal Entry

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I’m volunteering at a food bank and my daily tasks are helping clients with food selection, carrying selections to client’s car, resupplying food items, and sorting through food donations

This assignment requires student to describe how the volunteer is processing.The paper should describe how roles and responsibilities have taken form. Describe some of the challenges each has faced/are facing and what steps s/he are taking or has taken to resolve them.

More broadly, based on each student’s experiences in the Health Science program, how has s/he refined her/his intended career goal? What are the next concrete steps the student will take between now and graduation?

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Since the onset of my voluntary service engagement at the food bank, I have been assigned different roles a the facility, including assisting the clients with food selection, ferrying the food selections to the clients’ cars, food items’ resupply, and sorting through food donations. It is imperative to highlight the fact that most of m days at the food bank are sufficiently challenging as I enjoy serving humanity; especially the disadvantaged lot in the society. As such, I always enjoy interacting with the clients throughout the day as they come to collect their food supplies; since the process is always interactive, thus boosting my sociability. On the other hand, I am continuously improving my knowledge on different foods as well as their nutrient composition, and the different health conditions that compel people to take certain foods while avoiding others………..

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