Justification and Excuse

Justification and Excuse


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In criminal law, defendants may go unpunished in cases where they are perceived not to be liable because their conduct is either justifiable or excused. In both types of defenses, the defendants admit participating in conduct that is unlawful. Therefore, even though justification defenses and excuse defenses are related, they differ significantly. Justification defense happens when even though the conduct of the defendant was unlawful, it had more benefits than harm. It may also be justified if the conduct is not wrong or is not worth blame. For example, breaking into a person’s house is not lawful. However, a defendant may have broken into the house of a person to save a baby who was inside at the time (LaFave, 2017). Therefore, if such a person is charged, they may argue that the conduct was justifiable because saving the life of the baby was more beneficial than not breaking into the house. Excuse defense, on the other hand, is when even though the defender admits to having done on offense, their action was not totally voluntary. Excuse defense work when the violations………..

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