KSA Health Law

KSA Health Law

Research a KSA healthcare law regulating the industry. Identify the stakeholders affected by the regulation and analyze the role the stakeholders play in the healthcare industry. Assess the regulation’s impact on the quality, cost, and access of healthcare in Saudi Arabia.

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced.

please include in-text citation

i need it at least 5 paragraphs

references you can used:


Al-Abri, R., & Al-Balushi, A. (2014). Patient satisfaction survey as a tool towards quality improvement. Oman medical journal, 29(1), 3.

Leviton, L. C., & Melichar, L. (2016). Balancing stakeholder needs in the evaluation of healthcare quality improvement. BMJ Qual Saf, bmjqs-2015.

Almalki, M., FitzGerald, G., & Clark, M. (2011). Health care system in Saudi Arabia: an overview/Aperçu du système de santé en Arabie saoudite. Eastern Mediterranean health journal, 17(10), 784.


Answer Preview……………….

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is the number one regulator of health care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the largest and fastest growing population, the Saudi Arabia nationals enjoyed free health care until 2014 when those working in the private sector could not access free health services in government hospitals. MOH oversees and regulates all the activities and services of health care practitioners and currently possesses the majority of hospitals in Saudi Arabia. Presently, MOH is the main financer and government provider of health services in KSA, and for one to build a hospital; they will require their approval (Almalki, Fitzgerald & Clark, 2011)……………….

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