Labor Relations Project

Labor Relations Project


This project is made up of five parts, one for each of the five modules in this course. Each part enables you to apply the key learning to your own business or organizational setting. SEE ATTACHED FOR SPECIFICSNote: With the exception of discussions, students in this course do not have access to the assignments submitted by other students, and instructors and teaching assistants are required to treat assignments like this as confidential. You are also free to modify your descriptions in all parts of this document in order to meet any privacy and confidentiality concerns of your organization. You may base your responses on your own organization or any organization with which you are familiar. You do not need to specify the name of the organization.THIS PROJECT SHOULD TAKE LESS THEN 2 HOURS TO COMPLETE.

 labor relations Human Respurces  Labor Disputes
You can choose any company that you feel has enough information available. Possibly Boeing or something in the auto industry

Answer Preview…………….

  1. If you have not already done so, download the Labor Relations Environment Analysis tool found in Module One (Part One Tool attached). Fill out as much as you can, and then talk with a manager or knowledgeable colleague in your organization to complete the remainder.


When you’re finished, highlight the content of that document, beginning with the heading “Company/Organization.” Then copy and paste it below. This will enable you to build out a single course project document containing the major activities of this course……………………..

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