Lagaan Film Response

Lagaan Film Response

You will evaluate the film Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India. Whereas “The Great Inca Rebellion” is a documentary, Lagaan is a fictional film set during the Raj–the period of British control in India. The film was produced in India in 2001 and it belongs to an Indian genre known as “Bollywood” musicals. In this essay, you will write “persuasive essay.” Specifically, you will evaluate the value of the film for students (such as yourself) who are taking a college-level survey course in world history. Use the attached for directions on this assignment.

Movie is on Netflix or use the link:


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The colonial times in India have been portrayed differently in different media. The film Lagaan (2001)  provides an opportunity for students to understand the Indian culture and also describe the differences between interpretations of the past in the 19th and 20th century India. In outlining the dynamics presented in the film, it will be possible to compare and contrast the presentation of India from Hansen’s text Voyages in World History with the film’s presentation……………..

APA 836 words

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