Late Adulthoodf

Focus on the physical changes that occur in later adulthood and how those changes influence a person’s independence. Answer the following questions:

  • Describe the biological changes associated with later adulthood.
  • How might these physical changes affect a person’s level of independence, self-esteem, and functioning within their environment?
  • Describe services or programs in your local community that later adults would benefit from accessing based upon their level of independence.



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  • Biological changes associated with later adulthood.

The society at large believes that a person with an age of sixty-five and beyond experiences late adulthood. The situation can be signaled by retirement from work, eligibility for social security and Medicare benefits, and income tax advantage. The rate of old age individuals has increased since 1900 and it is bound to reach 20.6% of the whole population by the year 2060(Kalish, 2012). At sixty, an individual have less energy, responsibilities and independence. Biologically, elderly people are more dependent on their physical and emotional cores. At late adulthood, many individuals redirect their energies to activities that please them …

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