Leadership Styles and Organizational Design

  • Argue whether leaders are born or made. Give one (1) example of a great leader whom you admire in the health care field, and elaborate on the primary reasons why you admire the selected leader.


  • Dispute the following hypothesis: Organizational design is irrelevant as long as each department of the hospital runs efficiently (e.g., HR, IT, maintenance, etc.). Justify your response.

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I admire George Scangos, CEO, Biogen (Cambridge, Mass.) because of his extraordinary leadership skills in the field of healthcare. One of the reason that credits him unique is his ability to hire superstars in his work force. Owing to the fact that jobs are scarce one must be able to fish out the most talented candidate. Another reason that credits him to be a great leader is that he gives his employees a voice and in this ways employees are highly motivated thus resulting delivering quality work. He also treated the organization…

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