LEG 500 Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance Week 4 Discussion 1

LEG 500 Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance Week 4 Discussion 1


Week 4

The FTC and Product Advertising

The power of advertising is in its persuasive influence, and this influence can take several different forms. Using your textbook or Internet, identify two (2) examples of persuasive advertising that might have gone (or did go) too far with their messages. Next, argue why you believe these messages crossed the line between effective persuasion, and unfair and deceptive trade practices listed within Section 13-2: Advertising as a Contract Basis for Product Liability of your textbook. Provide support for your response.

Video: Top 10 Companies with the Best Advertising Campaigns (13:13)

A great ad can be entertaining for customers and lucrative for businesses. This video from mojo.com lists its top 10 best advertising campaigns.



Video: What is Product Liability? (6:56)

This video explains what product liability is. It also explains what a plaintiff needs to show in order to sue a manufacturer and hold them liable.




Video: What is Strict Product Liability? (2:47)

Strict product liability is a specific type of liability that centers around the commercial sale of defective products. This topic is explained in some detail within this video.




Video: Product Advertising vs. Corporate Advertising (1:58)

Sometimes advertisements are meant to sell a specific product, but sometimes ads are meant to promote a company as a whole. This video explains the differences and similarities between product advertising and corporate advertising.





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Answer Preview…………….

 One of the examples of persuasive advertising is the “it works Wraps.” This is a company that has claims of using one of their wraps will permit the consumer to reduce the area that is undergoing treatment for 45 minutes while having the product. The product is appealing to those that are in the surgery of weight loss in the community where the individuals are struggling with extra skins. The company is having more advertisements of this in the messaging in the……………………….

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