Leisure Opportunities and Social Class

In an essay of a

minimum of 500 words, take a first-person perspective of the bulleted descriptions below. Develop an argument in your

own words, and justify academically the side of the argument you choose. The essay will need to reflect your

understanding of the time to avoid being anachronistic, and your argument must come from the standpoint of a first

generation immigrant and encompass each of the four elements below.

 Are you treated as equal by earlier generations?

 Would you feel pressured to pledge your loyalty to a political machine?

 Would you agree to engage in a strike?

 Do you feel leisure opportunities are divided by social class?

As this is a point of view essay, a modern perspective will not accurately address what the question is asking for. It is

strongly suggested that at least one selection from the provided source book is used as research of the event and views

of the time.

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