Lethal Injections

Lethal Injections

Discuss the following in 400- words.

Today, activists have attempted to stop the administering of lethal drugs by attacking in the courts the companies that supply the drugs. On the Internet, research this problem and report what you have found.

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The eighth amendment protects the criminals sentenced to death against unusual and cruel punishment. Initially, research shows that the offenders convicted to death went through a lot of torture and died a painful death. Some died from squad firing, and others were forced to sit on an electric chair (Lind & Lopez, 2015). The human rights activists and the prisoners protested against the torture and resulted in the Eighth amendment of the law to allow those convicted and sentenced to death to die a painless death. The court began buying and administering a lethal injection with an aim that the offender would die in sleep. The prisoners and the human rights activists claim that lethal injection which the court declares to be the most humane and painless method to kill a person, as the riskiest way to execute a prisoner. In fact, prisoners prefer the electric chair and the firing squad to lethal injection………

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