“Letter From Birmingham Jail”

“Letter From Birmingham Jail”


I want you to write for essay about this article. I upload for you guys the prompt and article about this essay. I want you to do outline for me for this essay. I want you to do outline for me today and essay you have 2days because the teacher want the outline first. I want you follow every single thing in prompt and article. I want you talk about ethos, logos, and pathos.

Please English is my second language words its important to use it. Like use some simple words

make detailed outline only for now, use simple words

Answer Preview…………….

Martin Luther King was one of the influential leaders of the civil rights movement in the 1960s and wrote a masterpiece argumentative essay on that strongly refuted the claims of his critics and reassured his people of his commitment to their emancipation through civil disobedience. Non-violent protest is an instrument for raising awareness on the social issues that require changes such as racism, segregation, income inequality, and gender disparity among…………………….

APA 1454 words

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