Like Water of Chocolate (1993)

Like Water of Chocolate (1993)

Your paper must conform to the following requirements: 1. The paper must list the movie title and the basic premise of the movie (3 sentences minimum). 2. The paper must describe the historical or cultural context surrounding the film(4 sentences minimum). 3. The paper must provide a personal perspective on the film (4 sentences minimum). You can also make additional comments as appropriate.

hi, i need two seperate summaries, each on its own word file

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Like Water for Chocolate:

Please click those links to read the plots of the films and use it to answer “the basic premise of the movie” portion of the summary. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Here is an example based from a different movie

dont paraphrase from wikipedia as every word in wikipedia is highly indexed, it will show on plagiarism. google other sources of the movie info. also works cite other sources not wikipedia. cite in text too. check example and so similar thing for each movie

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Like Water of Chocolate is a Mexican film that is set in the early 20th century. In the film, a young woman called Tita is denied the chance to marry the man she desires most and instead, the man is given to her sister (Arau). The film that was produced by Alfonso Aura shows how the boiling passion of Tita results to catastrophes to the people that denied her the chance to marry Pedro. The phrase Like Water for Chocolate is common in Mexican culture to characterize women with a lot of passion and was therefore suitable for the film that was filled with a lot of sadness and lust. The film is set at the time when Mexicans were still very traditional. It was a taboo for Tita to marry because her mother had cheated on her father resulting in his death. Therefore Tita is powerless and has to do as her mother wants. The film allows the viewers to understand the culture and beliefs of the Mexican people and how women are expected to submit to their parents’ wishes rather than follow their dreams………

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