You should choose one of the topics below as the subject of an up-to-date review of the current academic literature using correct Harvard style referencing

Drawing on a minimum of 10 academic journal articles (obviously you can use more) you should provide a critical overview of research that has been carried out in your chosen topic area.

Given the broad scope of the topics, you should aim to focus on any theme(s) within the subject area that, in your view, merits attention, for example you could focus on a specific issue where there is controversy or divided opinion.

In addition to the academic journal articles you should include at least two relevant practitioner sources, i.e. drawing on the practitioner press, industry websites and reports, etc. to exemplify your discussion. By pulling these sources together you should be able to provide an up-to-date picture of the research in your chosen topic area and how this relates to practice.

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Kingston University bookmark marketing communications

Masters Marketing




Cornwell, T.B. (2008) State of the art and science in sponsorship-linked marketing. Journal of Advertising, 37 (3), pp.1-55.

Kwon, E., Ratneshwar, S., and Kim, E. (2016) Brand image congruence through sponsorship of sporting events: A re-inquiry of Gwinner and Eaton (1999), Journal of Advertising, 45 (1), pp.130-138.

Meenaghan, T. (2001), ‘Sponsorship and Advertising: A Comparison of Consumers Perceptions’, Psychology and Marketing, 18 (2), pp191- 215

Olsen, E.L. and Thjomoe, H.M. (2011) Explaining and articulating the fit construct in sponsorship, Journal of Advertising, 40 (1), pp.57-70.

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sending you pdf versions


please note that this should in uk standard and with harvard referencing


most of the articles i have found are in the zipped folder


to make your work easier divide the paper in three themes i.e.

Sponsorship Linked Marketing

Sponsorship Attitudes/Perception

Sponsorship Fit

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