Locally Produced Food

Locally Produced Food

Grading Rubric Must Be Followed

APA Format


In a 3-page report, make a case for eating locally in Tampa, FL. Address the following in your report:

  • Identify the benefits of implementing a local diet.
    • What are the benefits to the environment?
    • How does a local diet conserve natural resources?
    • What are the potential benefits to human health?
  • Discuss specific ways in which you could implement a local diet. How could you (or do you) integrate a local diet into your lifestyle?
    • Identify several examples of local food sources you have access to. Are there farmers’ markets in your area?
    • What is community supported agriculture (CSA)? What is the history of the CSA movement? Where is your nearest community supported agriculture farm (CSA)?
  • Identify sustainable methods for dealing with food waste in your home. How do you currently handle your family’s food waste?
  • Describe ways you could encourage others to eat locally.

Additional Requirements

Your report should follow a logical structure and be evidence based.

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Healthcare Admin  Eating Locally

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Over the years, the United States has witnessed a continued advocation of the consumption of the local food products. The potential benefits of local foods to human include that of local foods being fresh and that they are seasonal. Local foods such as fruits and vegetables start losing their nutrients as soon as they are harvested. The use of local food reduces the travel time of the food from the market to the table. A consumer buying imported fruits and vegetables may not get them when fresh considering the traveling time as well as the handling of the food. Local foods are seasonal whereby one gets to avoid eating the artificial ripening of food particularly fruits (Carlson, 2016). Most people would wish some fruits to be grown all year but the best time to eat some of them is when purchasing them from the local market when the all area is buzzing about the fruits………

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