“Analysis Essay”
-Analyze the game “loneliness”.
-Here is the link of the game: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EnW4pAsTUAo
-length: 800-1300 words.
-MLA formatting, 12pt TNR, 1” Margins, etc.
-this is NOT simply a summary of what the game does, but it begins there and elaborates to create a point of your own.
-Feel free to agree with or refute any points made by the text, or with other critical essays, but make sure that you have an original idea you’re defending.
-please write in simple words like a high school student. I don’t want you to write it in a very professional way.
-I will also attach an extra file, just in case you want to read the example of our teacher about this essay.
-Also, here is my opinion about the game, so if you think you can change it change it or get idea from it and and then add it it to your essay, please do it.
-Loneliness is a very sad and profound game. The colors in this game like are black, white and gray. No matter that the squares are talking, dancing or fighting they don’t want to except this square in their groups. I could not even catch a single square. The game is only about 3 seconds , it doesn’t require any certain skills. -As the game goes to end, the clouds are getting darker and darker to where the black screen comes up and the game ends. It is such an emotional game. The darkness and loneliness of this game shows that In my opinion, the game is about, if you want to be expected by other people you need to be like them to get fit into their groups.

MLA 1 source

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