Management 3610

Principles of Management Entrepreneurship Homework

Consider an entrepreneur you know; could be a relative, friend, or acquaintance. Answer the following questions:

  1. What business is the entrepreneur in? What event prompted the entrepreneur to enter his/her business? What motivated the entrepreneur to enter business?
  2. In class, we discussed several entrepreneur types. For each type discussed in class, determine if the entrepreneur represents that type – and explain why or why not.
  3. Consider the entrepreneur success traits that we discussed in class. Identify if the entrepreneur possesses each success trait discussed in class. In what ways does the entrepreneur demonstrate having, or not having, each trait?
  4. Do you predict success or failure for the entrepreneur’s current business venture? Considering environmental factors, the entrepreneur’s success traits (from our discussion), and strategy, why do you predict success or failure?
  5. Typed, 1 single spaced

    Include questions (answer on this document if you like)

    Number your answers

    Grammar and writing could affect grade.

    Bullet points are not acceptable. Write in paragraph from

    Due at the beginning of the class period. No exceptions.

    You might bring an extra copy with you as we’ll discuss briefly in class.

    I want the business to be shell gas stations




preview of the answer..

Many people tend to fear venturing into business dealing with petroleum products as a result of stiff competition. When my brother decided to venture into this business, many people including my parents discouraged him citing the completion and the increase in fuel prices, which eventually led to an increase in food items. However, my brother’s determination was so great that he decided to go on despite the many discouragements from our relatives and decided to open Shell Gas Station. Having done a degree course in Business management, he was sure to apply the entrepreneurial skills in curbing the challenges that would come his way. With just a …

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