Management of Healthcare Institution

Management of Healthcare Institution


Answer the question: How might you manage the phenomenon that raising benchmarks to an “aspirational” level means reporting more failures to the public?

You will find the information needed to help you answer this question in chapter 15 of your textbook. Case 15 on pp. 420-421 gives a good example of how an Australian surgery indicator made the front pages of the newspaper because hospitals were not meeting the aspirational-level goals (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2015). How could you get in front of this if you were the public relations officer, or the Chief Executive Officer of one of these facilities?

You may be able to do some research and find other examples that might give you ideas on how businesses or organizations handled and/or prevented similar situations of bad press. In the past, students have used some non-health care examples of businesses who got bad press and how they handled it. It is interesting to note that sometimes, the “press” that they get, good or bad, seems to help business.

Include in-text citations and a reference list in APA format.

  • 400-500 words (APA format)
  • 2 peer-reviewed sources (APA format for in-text citations & References list)
  • 1 biblical integration (APA format)

I scanned the text book Chapter 15 and attached it. Do not forget biblical reference and 2 peer-reviewed sources/journal articles


Answer Preview……………

Benchmarking is becoming one of the best-adapted concepts in healthcare systems that form a management approach for the management and implementation of the best practices at the best cost. Benchmarking ensures that there is the uniform provision of high-quality care in all the level of the healthcare center since there is a set minimum required from all personnel (Lovaglio, 2012). However, the raising of benchmarks may result in problems since there are changes in the level of quality needed, something the personnel was not used to before. In healthcare, benchmark indicators are the measurement tools that are used to monitor and evaluate the importance of governance along with its management, clinical and support functions. The raising of the benchmark means that both the management and the medical practitioners have to raise their levels to try to get to the new set levels. To meet the new set………..

APA 595 words

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