Management of Information security

While Project Management is a standalone course, it certainly has relevance
> in regard to information security management. This week, you’ll be
> conducting research on what information is available on how the two can
> converge. Find at least two articles that discuss either project management
> in terms of information security or information security in terms of
> project management. Summarize the articles, and include your opinion on the
> major points.




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Security is an emerging issue in modern society organizations. In as much as the lifecycle of security if a project may seem obvious in real sense ¾ of the lot do not have an idea of maintaining since it involves the coordination of various aspects such as hardware, software, personnel just to mention but a few. A simple security flaw can lead to the crushing of an entire project and a good example was the 2003 blackout that left thousands of people in both north and northeast American in the darkness. The main cause of failure of the power grid was attributed to software malfunctions which in turn enhanced to hardware problems and culminated in the misfortunate loss of power of an entire region.

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