Prepare an in-depth analysis of four case studies during the semester.

Management Information System

  • Prepare an in-depth analysis of four case studies during the semester. Here are some guidelines: · This is an individual assessment, which is a part of your course score. It requires effort and critical thinking · Answer all the questions listed below the case. · The ‘answers’ to the questions are best formulated by reviewing the case and the reading materials up and including the current week in the course. · The questions are worded to help you apply the readings to the case, so don’t limit yourself to the case’s terminology and perspective. The best analysis will abstract the case content by applying the reading materials to draw broader lessons about the material


Answer Preview………….

The systems described in this instance include Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which is a strategic tool that was introduced to facilitate online learning (Margaryan, Bianco, M., & Littlejohn, 2015). MOOCs allow unlimited enrollment of learners, and the number can go up to hundreds of thousands. The other system described is an Automated Essay Scoring (AES) Software. AES entails a combination of software which allows one-time essay scoring in high school, college, and university. AES is frequently termed as e-Rater, and it enables the scoring of numerous essays within no time……..

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