Management information systems

While Project Management is a standalone course, it certainly has relevance in regard to information security management. This week, you’ll be conducting research on what information is available on how the two can converge. Find at least two articles that discuss either project management in terms of information security or information security in terms of project management. Summarize the articles, and include your opinion on the major points.

You may discuss this or any other applicable topic from this week’s reading.




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Project management is an important part of every manager’s managerial duties. In any form of management, there has to be some information to be protected. As such, information security is vital in project management. However, the level of security varies with the form of project. In investigative projects, for example, almost all the information about the investigation has to be classified. On the other hand, in a construction project, all that the manager needs to ensure is protected is the contract or the information on procurements. In both incidences, the loss of the information to be protected may have detrimental effects on the respective project …

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