Management Practices in the Netherlands

Management Practices in the Netherlands

Hello dude, for now I have the group work, you remember when you talked about Netherland, It’s the same subject

so I need you to talk about Netherland. I’m gonna send you the requirements but I want you to focus just on my part which is

Management practice in the Netherlands

a. Management practices in general

b. What businesses use these mgt practice/ what industries focus on these practice

c. Make sure you use scholarly source – go to the library online


here is the requirements

Country Culture Project (total 400 points): Your objective is to prepare an American expatriate (and their family) for an assignment to a target country. Teams will be responsible for gathering and writing up the information on a specific country and then presenting some of that information to the rest of the SIDLASKY |MGT 345-L SYLLABUS HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT| Spring 2017 THE UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA SYKES COLLEGE OF BUSINESS DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT class in a training session. The goal is to learn about a country in depth and figure out how to do business in that culture. Use credible, academic sources of information (not people from that country or tourist guides) and cite sources correctly using APA format. Each group will investigate the target country completely including the management practices in the country being studied and explain the management practices from a contextual framework. The group will provide an analysis of the cultural environment. Care should be taken to first understand the culture by itself, without being concerned with its impact on management. Once this has been done, an investigation of management practices in the country being studied should be carried out. The group should indicate how the societal culture helps explain the business traditions and practices within the country being studied. Your team should also explain how the societal culture impacts management practices.

Part 2: Training Session (total 100 points): At the end of the semester, groups are to present a training session aimed at an expatriate manager about to depart for your country. The training session will allow you to engage the class by sharing some of the information you have acquired in an interactive and fun session. This training session will not only help improve your knowledge of the target company and country, and inform the members of class of your findings and conclusions, but will also help to develop some skills necessary to be a manager– interpersonal communication skills, team work and leadership skills. The training session should be interactive and help the attendees develop skills needed to manage effectively in the target country. Your grade will be based on the content of your training session as well as how creatively you get the class to participate in the training.

Part 3: Project Paper (total 200 points): The final project should be a maximum of 20 pages typed; double-spaced; 12-point font; with one-inch margins on all sides. You should use paragraph form and NOT dot-point or outline styles. The final paper should also include an outline of the training session being conducted in class as an appendix.


Make sure to just talking about my part that’s all I need

Dude I need you to make sure that you do it in easy way, I always ask you to do it in easy way but you make it difficult

So make sure this time low level of vocabularies and easy to understand

look man I need you to write 4 pages and 5 to 6 slides but maybe I’m gonna ask you to do more

the group need to decide too not just me

If you have any question let me know

Answer preview…………

6 slides

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