This assignment will be 2 parts:
Part one:
A review of the literature to include at least 10 articles from the academic journals covering the following areas:
1. characteristics of the environment on entrepreneurship. (3 ARTICLES)
2. the influences of the environment on entrepreneurs.(3 ARTICLES)
3. the influence of entrepreneurs in the market (3 ARTICLES)
4. comparisons to small business operators. (1 ARTICLE)
The first part is based on finding 10 articles on those 4 areas, I have point out each area how many articles need to have, so the first three areas each with 3 articles and the last area with a single article. please make sure that the writer will find academic journal articles and make a summary for each one.
The first part should be around 1400 words

Part two:
A discussion of how your experiences agree with or differ from the literature articles. (at this part the writer need to write and come up with a discussion whatever to agree or disagree with the literature articles from their own experience). This part should be around 400 words

APA 10 refs



preview of the answer..

According to this book, organizations and individual properties involved in the creation of entrepreneurship are part of its environment. Davidson goes on to say that external environment also plays a very important role in the success of entrepreneurship. For instance, entrepreneurs working in an organization that supports them are likely to be very successful in their innovations. For instance, the support will enable them to have access to resources and moral support, an aspect that will motivate them in their entrepreneurial projects. This is not the case with entrepreneurs working in organizations that discourage innovation and creativity…

2002 words APA

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