I have 2 assignments that need to be redone. 1 is a powerpoint that needs speaker notes (read bullet points and expound on them in speaker notes section) and a reference slide (add refs slide and cite all refs within the slides

2 – The other needs to be put in apa format and have incite citations i need these done in less than 6 hours. Put the paper in APA with cover page, page numbers, and change the refs into APA and cite them all in text.

Chcek the paper for plagiarism and edit plagiarism until the score is over 95% as usual. Copy paste the contents of the slides on grammarly and also check them all for plagiarism. Plagiarism should be less than 5%.

Answer preview……..

ERM frames a critical component of authoritative administration and provisioning of unified administrations.
The compelling sending of assets plays out a roll-up of risks into a comprehensive view.
Observing and testing give straightforwardness into the operational ‘condition of preparation’s at most process focuses to oversee hierarchical proficiency. successfully….

16 slides

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