Under the Week 2 Required Assignments Section you have access to Section II and Section III of the Understanding and Managing Diversity text. There are multiple short articles, followed by a set of Discussion Questions, in each section of the text.

Select ONE article from Section II or Section III to read and respond to.

Select at least TWO of the questions that are posed at the end of the article you selected and respond. Responses for each question should be 200- words each.

Please note that Title and Reference pages do not count towards the minimum word count requirement.

You are free to respond to as many questions that correspond with the article you selected, but you MUST respond to a minimum of TWO.

Submit your Week 2 assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

section 2 attached, pick one article from it, and answer the questions under it. copy paste questions and answer below each
Answer preview………….

According to McNickles, what explains the perception gap that exists between whites and African Americans when it comes to matters of race and racism?

Different racial groups tend to have a different understanding of what constitutes racism. Racial perception gap, therefore, refers to how differently people perceive the concept of race in regards to racism between the African-Americans and the whites. McNickles argues that this gap is likely to arise as a result of the difference in the understanding of the terminologies about the race. According to Mc Nickles, when imagining about the concept race and racism, the majority of the whites think about negative behaviors, as in any act that would be undertaken to trigger either emotional or physical injury to anyone who belongs to a different race. African- Americans however, on the other hand, have a deferent understanding of the concept of race and racism. For instance, they view racism to include policies and activities, which are either intentional or unintentional held by several institutions political, social or economic, which tend to favor or disadvantage certain individuals because of their race. This difference in terminology, therefore, means that African-Americans tend to define terminologies surrounding race and racism from a broader spectrum while the whites narrow their understanding of the issue………

 APA 504 words

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