Market Structures

Market Structures

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Students will be expected to analyze and evaluate the issue or topic and provide recommendations. Here are some sample topics:

Countries that do not believe in comparative advantage

How do people respond to economic incentives?

Stories of positive or negative externalities

What’s the best healthcare system in the world?

Examples of behavioral economics

Differences between monopolies, monopolistic competition, oligopolies, and the perfectly competitive market

Income inequality throughout the world

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Economic  macroeconomic description 4 pages, Double Spacing

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There are various types of market structures in the economy which deals with distribution of various goods and services. These market structures can be defined by interrelated characteristics and how they are organized in a country or region. It is also important to note that the size and values of goods and services together with the number of providers in any given market can also be used to determine the type of market structure characteristics which is mostly used to define consumer and business purchasing behavior together with their growth forecasts. There are four market structures including perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly market structures. The discussion pertains to the differences of these market structures which will be discussed in their characteristics, price elasticity, and government intervention……..

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