Describe several fads that have come and gone during your lifetime, such as Beanie Babies or Pokemon. What fad products do you remember purchasing or perhaps were purchased for you by your parents. Why did you buy/want these products? What influenced your purchase? Why do you think these products eventually faded? Let’s see how many products we can come up with as we stroll down memory lane…..What are some current fad products? How long do you think they will last? Is the life cycle of fads getting shorter? Discuss….     APA





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There are several fads products which have come and gone. The reason why these products are not in existence today is because of the changes in consumers demands which the producers of these products were unable to offer. This led to these products being kicked out of the market by new products which were able to meet the changing needs of consumers. One of these products are the CDs. At the time of their discovery, CDs were very popular among the young generations as they represented the future of music. Being seen with a CD implied that the individual was updated. For instance, whenever I bought a CD, I would walk home holding it in my hand so that every person could see me. However, the CD turned out to be not as good as we were told. This is because of their inability to stay for long. As a result of this, the invention of …

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